Sponsoring a Child - Education needs​

One can sponsor a child's education on a annual basis to shape better future for these boys and girls. The cost of sponsoring a year long education per child is Rs 27,000 ($500) to cover all sorts of education expenses.  Some of the philanthropies who is currently sponsoring including

Daily “Annadanam” - Food needs

One can sponsor daily meal on any given day of year by depositing  of Rs.30,000($550) in bank account from which interest paid  to this programme. Interested philanthropies encouraged to
contact Trust for further details and we would like to thank following for their contribution towards this fund.

Student Name      Class                 Donar Name                                Country
K.Radha Devi        1st class         Mr Srinivasa Reddy                          India
P.Kalyani              3rd class         Mr Sathish                                      India
P.Syamala            5th class         Mrs Sreerekha                                 USA
P.S.Vyashnavi       5th class         Mr Raju Datla                                  USA
D.Ramesh            4th class         Mrs Himabindu Achanta                    Ireland
N.Gowtham          4th class         Mrs Madhavi Peddireddy                   Ireland

Donor Name                                 Country

Medical needs

We recognise the help provided by local Doctors but anyone would like to be part of this programme, please free to contact the Trust for further details.

Shelter - Home needs

We're delighted to inform that permanent building (2 floor, 5000 sq.ft) with an estimated build up cost of Rs 12L ($25K) is complete with a separate sections for Boys and Girls, they all moved in and living happily for that we want to thank everyone who helped to make this happen.

There is a need to support daily maintenance including water, electricity etc and if you would like to help, please do contact Trust.