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Kamakshi Prema Mandiram


Destiny rules one’s life. While the life for some is bed of roses, for some it is bed of thorns. Natural calamities like floods, earth quakes or man-made disasters throw the kids from out of the hands of their parents making them orphans, helpless and forlorn. Mother nature sometimes harsh to humans and those events can leave the unfortunate infants as orphans who look at the society with a hope that some affectionate hands takes them to nourish them, if their aspirations fail, they may fall prey into the hands of anti-social and anti-national elements and could do severe agony and damage to the society. So community needs to help them as each one of them should  deserve equal chance to succeed in their life, like anyone of us.


To address a social problem “Kamakshi Devi Trust (Regd. No 119/85) started “Kamakshi Prema Mandiram” in 1986 to undertake the responsibility of nourishing and taking care of those unfortunate children irrespective of their caste, creed, region or religion.


Sri Kamakshi Devi Trust
Krishna Rao Street, Amalapuram, AP, India

Sponsoring a Child

We're actively looking for Individuals who can sponsor a child's education on a annual basis to shape better future for these boys and girls.